Feature Importance

Feature Importance is a process used to select features in the dataset that contributes the most in predicting the target variable. Working with selected features instead of all the features reduces the risk of over-fitting, improves accuracy, and decreases the training time. In PyCaret, this can be achieved using feature_selection parameter. It uses a combination of several supervised feature selection techniques to select the subset of features that are most important for modeling. The size of the subset can be controlled using feature_selection_threshold parameter within setup.


Parameters in setup 

feature_selection: bool, default = False
When set to True, a subset of features are selected using a combination of various permutation importance techniques including Random Forest, Adaboost and Linear correlation with target variable. The size of the subset is dependent on the feature_selection_param. Generally, this is used to constrain the feature space in order to improve efficiency in modeling. When polynomial_features and feature_interaction are used, it is highly recommended to define the feature_selection_threshold param with a lower value.

feature_selection_threshold: float, default = 0.8
Threshold used for feature selection (including newly created polynomial features). A higher value will result in a higher feature space. It is recommended to do multiple trials with different values of feature_selection_threshold specially in cases where polynomial_features and feature_interaction are used. Setting a very low value may be efficient but could result in under-fitting.


How to use?


# Importing dataset
from pycaret.datasets import get_data
diabetes = get_data('diabetes')

# Importing module and initializing setup
from pycaret.regression import *
clf1 = setup(data = diabetes, target = 'Class variable', feature_selection = True)


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